search engine optimization

SEO - A Natural Optimization Method and a PPC Alternative

Search engine optimization is an inexpensive alternative of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing that enhances the ability of your website to get listed in top results of organic search engines without the need to pay heavily for it.

Organic Search Engine Marketing Services from an experienced service provider such as Orangy Ad can help in generating more traffic for your website as compared to the PPC program without all the expenses.

SEO is highly effective because almost 80% of visitors trust the natural results of search engine listings as compared to paid ones. Therefore, to attract more visitors online, it is very important that your website is properly optimized to get top placements in search engine results of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Organic SEO, Easier Said than Done

So, how to find a genuine SEO company? Remember a company that claims to know everything about Google methodologies is the first to bid a goodbye to.  With the constantly changing Google indexing parameters, it requires a lot of experience, knowledge and patience to get good SEO results. If getting results would have been so easy, today every website would have secured top ten ranking in Google

What makes Orangy Ads different from thousands of other companies offering Organic SEO/SEM Services?

At Orangy Ad, we prefer to do things differently. Before we accept any website for performing organic search engine optimization on it, we run some diagnostics on your website to check its current ranking status and other parameters to decide if the website is ‘Google Friendly’?
After this we give you a clear indication of what results to expect and in what time instead of promising guaranteed top ten results in 10 days.’

How Organic SEO works at Orangy Ads Transparent and Result- Oriented

  • At first we discuss you aims and ambitions for the website and analyze the competition and complexity of the keywords and key phrases you want your website to be ranked for

  • We check the content, keyword density and other parameters of your website to suggest required changes for better SEO performance

  • We honestly tell you the current status and the results we expect to get within the agreed timeline

  • We agree to the cost and key phrases to be worked on

  • We begin the work and you pay only for one month in advance

  • We prepare an initial report of website rankings, links, PR and match it with subsequent month reports to track the progress.

  • Month one completes and you stay with us only when you believe that we have delivered what we have promised. No long term contracts and no false promises