online reputation management

online reputation management

How will you feel if you Google your company’s name online and all you get is negative reviews and customers saying bad things about your business? Such a review online can cause a serious damage to the reputation of your business. It can hamper the trust and credibility that you have built over a period of several years. One negative review can drive away thousands of potential customers and can cause serious business loss. If you are feeling lost because of negative online reputation, Orangy Ad is here to help.

Orangy Ads can make the Negative Results Disappear

No, it is not a false promise. It is entirely possible to make these negative reviews disappear. In our several years of offering online reputation management services, we have helped thousands of businesses clear their reputation online. In addition we have helped businesses in projecting a positive image for themselves and correct inaccuracies (if any).

We offer Two-Way Approach for Online Reputation Management

In order to repair your reputation online, we offer a 2-way approach. Our first step is to find and remove your negative results online and secondly boost up positive reviews and true facts about your company’s working, products and services.
In addition to getting the negative information buried, we also go one step ahead and work to replace the negative information with truthful positive info about your company. We do not believe in faking things that are too good to be true and help you build trust among your customers with information that is believable and self-promoting

Regular Monitoring

Removal of negative information is not a one-time process. Even if you have worked and removed all the negative results, new posts can appear anytime. Therefore in order to maintain a continued positive reputation, we keep an eye on what is being written and said about your company. Our team is always alert to make sure that you online reputation stays clean, safe, and accurate

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